Discretionary Investment Management

Our discretionary management approach to your investments is designed around your attitude to risk, ambitions, time-horizon and desired level of involvement. In the ever-changing, fast paced world of investing you may find it more and more difficult to focus on the financial markets. Enigma is designed to reduce, or remove entirely, the time involved in investing whilst providing you with peace of mind and an element of control over the parameters of your investments. Once we have a full comprehension of your requirements and attitude to risk we may invest your money across a wide selection of asset classes and markets. You will have access to the portfolio manager via phone and email and we will review your portfolio and outlook on a regular basis.

Enigma ensures all their portfolios focus on asset allocation. This is a key component of long-term investing and plays a major role in investment returns. Core and Satellite approaches are taken across a multitude of portfolios providing you with diversification across your investments.

Enigma places a large emphasis on rebalancing. Our ability to re-balance and react to changes in the market are key to the potential returns of your portfolio and employs strict risk management techniques. This allows us to ensure our portfolios match your risk tolerance levels at all times.

Finally, you will be allocated your own portfolio manager who will execute a pre-agreed strategy based on your risk profile. Your portfolio manager will keep you informed on the progress of your portfolio, as well as keep you up to date on the performance of any specific holdings including price movements & market moves. 

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