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With a concentration on advisory services, investment funds, and derivatives, Enigma Strategy is a leading investment management and advisory organisation.

We are committed to assisting private and institutional clients in planning for and achieving their financial objectives with success both now and in the future, and we are motivated by their needs.

Do you have an effective strategy?

Increase your earnings potential and Assets Under Management (AUM). We provide you with a cutting-edge platform for you to grow your income by tapping into the vast network of global investors. With Enigma Strategy you will receive tools to help you make your trading more effective and secure as well as receive the support of our entire team. Providing your strategy meets our risk parameters subject to our Terms and Conditions we can provide you with everything you need to grow, leveraging on institutional-grade infrastructure and platforms.

Separate yourself from the crowd - Investors Globally

Your core strength is generating alpha - but how do you communicate that with investors? Instantly gain access to an extensive network of global investors to see how this can be achieved.

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