Professional Intermediaries

Enigma Strategy works very closely with several Professional Intermediaries to facilitate investments on behalf of clients who hold SIPPs, ISAs and General Investment Accounts.

Our qualified investment professionals have the potential to add considerable value by advising your clients on esoteric investments, whilst allowing you the ability to retain the relationship with your clients. Our discretionary portfolios will allow you to invest in a wide range of portfolios on behalf of your clients, allowing you to focus on other aspects of their requirements such as taxation and retirement planning.

Our research and due diligence team is dedicated to identifying emerging talents in alternative investments. We partner with exceptional investment managers to build highly diversified investment products available to all investor types ensuring their suitability.

Our model portfolios are a cost-effective way of accessing a diversified and actively managed portfolio of investments. They are designed to make it easier for you to help your clients achieve their investment objectives, taking into consideration their risk profile.

Our Model Portfolio Service retains the control of your clients’ assets on a chosen platform and ownership of the relationship. We manage the portfolios on a discretionary basis saving you valuable time. You will have more time to service your clients and grow your business.

Harness our investment expertise to help achieve superior outcomes for your clients via our rigorous and disciplined investment processes. Our Model Portfolio Service provides you with a range of investment strategies to choose from, each actively managed and designed to deliver a different investment objective.